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Two Amino Acid-Based Formula Choices for Severe Food Allergies and GI Disorders

Which is Better for Your Needs?

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Essential Care Jr.

Better Nutrition, No Corn Syrup Solids, Natural Ingredients and No Artificial Flavors*

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Two Amino Acid-Based Formula Choices for Severe Food Allergies and GI Disorders

Which is Better for Your Needs?

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EquaCare Jr.

Lower Price and Same Nutrition as Elecare Jr. and Other Brands

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Now You Have Better Choices for Your Child’s Amino Acid Formula

Cambrooke offers families two amino acid-based formulas, EquaCare Jr. and Essential Care Jr., for children with food allergies and digestive disorders. EquaCare Jr. is our ‘standard’ amino acid-based formula made with similar nutrition and a similar taste as Elecare Jr, but at a LOWER PRICE. Our premium formula, Essential Care Jr., is the first amino acid-based formula made with natural ingredients, no corn syrup solids, no artificial flavors*, and no artificial sweeteners. Essential Care Jr. is carefully designed with nutrients that may help to deliver resolution of gastrointestinal symptoms, while still meeting the needs of those with food allergies.

…with Natural Ingredients

Essential Care Jr. does not use artificial sweeteners, flavors* or colors that are found in many other formulas. Artificial ingredients are usually less expensive than natural ingredients and can cause concern for many parents. Essential Care Jr. is an amino acid formula that uses natural ingredients because they are closer to whole foods.

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*excludes Essential Care Jr. Citrus

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…at a Reasonable Price

We know cost is a concern. EquaCare Jr. has similar nutrition and taste to comparable brands, with a lower cost.

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What’s in Our Essential Care Jr. Formula?

Because we are dedicated to providing healthy, well-rounded options, we include more than just the standard nutrients found in other products. Our Essential Care Jr. contains special nutrients that may benefit growth, gastrointestinal symptoms, bone health, and brain and eye development.

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Unique Formulation
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Great Taste
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Natural Ingredients
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No Milk, Lactose, Wheat, Gluten, Eggs, Nuts, Soy or Corn
  • Natural ingredients
  • Free of corn syrup solids
  • Low FODMAP carbohydrates
  • Lutein- Helps to support both brain and eye health and development
  • DHA- An important fatty acid in the developing brain
  • Optimized for bone health with Vitamin K2 and Lowest Potential Renal Acid Load (PRAL)
  • Highest protein per calorie amino acid formula
  • Unique amino acid blend with increased leucine that may be helpful for building muscle
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See how Smart...

No Other Junior Amino Acid Formula has Both Lutein and DHA to Support Eye and Brain Development

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and how Strong...

Our Formula has More Protein per Calorie and Over 60% MORE of the Most Essential Part of Protein**

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with Strong Bones...

Our Formula is the Only One with Vitamin K2 and the Lowest Bone-Friendly Acid Load**

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...Your Child will be with Essential Care Jr.

Essentially Better Thanks to the Help of Many Doctors and Dietitians who Worked with Our Experts to Make the Very Best Formula for Your Children and for Our Own Children

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** Formulas used in comparison: Elecare Jr, Neocate Junior, Alfamino Junior, and PurAmino Jr

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An Amino Acid Formula that may be More Gentle on the Digestive System

Finding that perfect formula that soothes your child’s digestive condition can be a long and difficult process. While some illnesses can be addressed through common allergen-free products, others require a milder touch. Because our products are delicately formulated to be gentle on the system while providing complete nutrition, Cambrooke’s Essential Care Jr. and EquaCare Jr. formulas can be counted on to help with an array of gastrointestinal conditions.

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