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When I heard EquaCare Jr. was going to cost alot less than EleCare Jr, I had tears of joy. I’m a single mom and have had to make tough choices and count every penny. Knowing EquaCare Jr. is as good as Elecare Jr and will cost less is a big help. I want to thank the EquaCare Jr. company for helping me take care of my son, as the money I save will make a real difference. I can’t wait to try it.

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Jackie G

Kansas City, MO

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My daughter Kate was diagnosed with short gut and struggles to absorb food and has needed a special formula for the past four years. We tried many formulas and although we found a formula that has helped, we’d prefer something more natural. We also want something that does not have so much corn syrup solids. I don’t know what corn syrup solids are but don’t want them to be half of what I feed Kate. When I learned about Essential Care Jr., I was excited. They’ve made a formula for me – more natural, no corn syrup solids and added nutrition. I’d pay more for a more natural formula for Kate, but I was told I won’t have to pay more for Essential Care Jr. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

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Stephanie B

New Jersey

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I prescribe specialty formulas for many children with GI issues or severe protein allergies. I was happy to work with Ajinomoto Cambrooke to make a better formula I can recommend to my patients. We talked about every ingredient and reviewed many choices before agreeing on what to include. Nutrition is important, but it must taste good, too. I was surprised by how good it tastes given all the nutrition we added. This formula has more protein per serving, all low FODMAP ingredients, natural ingredients and flavors and extra ingredients to support bone, eye and GI health.

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Robert, M.D.