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Pathways to Reimbursement Success

At a time when there are so many paths for medical foods coverage, patients, caregivers, and dietitians are looking for choice, convenience, and compassion when it comes to managing a family’s medical food needs. Everyday, people just like you are faced with the same challenges.

They are concerned that their supplier will no longer carry their medical food products each month. They are faced with paying a high percentage of their coinsurance for their medical food products each month. Does this sound familiar to you? If so, maybe it’s time to consider CAMBROOKEcare™.

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Introducing a new and improved option to obtain our formula…

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CAMBROOKEcare has a DEDICATED TEAM to support your efforts to obtain insurance reimbursement coverage. CAMBROOKEcare provides you with expanded reimbursement and coverage assistance you need today. This is a full service program designed for one very important thing: helping you to manage your family’s medical food coverage and reimbursement options.

Apply to our Patient Assistance program when you have a financial hardship or insurance does not cover your child’s formula.

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Call us to learn how we can help you afford the amino acid-based formulas your child needs.