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Is My Child’s Rash a Sign of Food Allergy?

 Since kids with food allergies may have eczema flare-ups, it is important to understand what it is and how the cause of eczema may be related to food allergies. Atopic dermatitis – or eczema as it is commonly called – is characterized by dry, red, itchy skin that may be accompanied by asthma or hay […]

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How to Protect Kids with Food & Milk Allergies from Bullying

Many people may not understand how severe an allergic reaction can potentially be, and bullying may have serious and even life-threatening consequences for a child with food allergies. In fact, studies have shown that about one-third of kids with food allergies report...

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Keep the Food Allergy Fears Out of Halloween

In this video, Registered Dietitian April Clark shares tips to prevent food allergy reactions this Halloween. When preparing for Halloween, the scariest part for those living with food allergies is staying safe.  Many treats and foods encountered at Halloween...

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What is EoE?

Eosinophilic (e-o-sin-o-fil-ik) esophagitis (e-so-fa-gi-tis), or EoE as it is commonly referenced, is a chronic inflammatory medical condition that affects the esophagus, the muscular tube that carries food from the throat to the stomach. Despite the increasing...

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What is Vitamin K2?

Vitamin K is a fat-soluble vitamin that comes in different forms with vitamin K1 being the most common form. Most nutrition supplements containing vitamin K, come in the form of vitamin K1. Although the most common form has been vitamin K1, research over the past...

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How to Follow a GI or Food Allergy Diet on a Budget

Influenced by both unemployment and poverty, millions of Americans were estimated to have experienced food insecurity in 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic.1 Food insecurity occurs when a household does not have regular access to enough food for an active and healthy...

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