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How Much Corn Syrup Solids are in Your Child’s Formula (and Does it Matter)?

Parents and caregivers have told us they do not want corn syrup solids in their child’s amino acid-based formulas. This may be based on their child having a corn allergy, corn intolerance, or the perception that better ingredients are available.

Corn does not fall within the Top 8 food allergens, and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has deemed corn syrup solids a safe ingredient to include in hypoallergenic formulas. Yet many parents have questions about the safety of corn in pediatric formulas.

We understand that many children who require hypoallergenic amino acid formulas often require specialized diets. Sometimes these diets exclude corn ingredients. Since we made Essential Care Jr. with this feedback in mind, we chose to include tapioca ingredients rather than corn syrup solids. Tapioca was selected as the carbohydrate source in Essential Care Jr. because we know that the risk of an allergic reaction to tapioca is much lower and we want to provide the safest option available.

Common Concerns with Corn Ingredients

A typical allergic reaction happens when the body responds to the protein component of a food.  Corn syrup solids used in amino acid formulas are extensively refined to remove the protein naturally found in corn, thus removing corn as a potential food protein trigger.

Although this removal of the corn protein should minimize the risk of an allergic reaction, we still hear from parents and clinicians that corn carbohydrates may not always be tolerated. The question then becomes: Is the intolerance a result of traces of corn protein, corn derivatives, another component of corn, or consuming large amounts of corn ingredients?

Since other formulas can contain up to 50 percent or more of corn syrup solids, these large amounts of carbohydrates may affect tolerance. Our belief is that even when the cause of the intolerance to corn ingredients is not identified, having a formula option free of corn ingredients, can make families feel safe and empowered to move forward.

Carefully Chosen Ingredients

Carbohydrates are a key component of balanced nutrition included in nutritionally complete formulas. They fuel the body and are necessary for helping children grow and thrive. That being said, not all carbohydrates are created equally. Some carbohydrates provide a quick source of energy, while others may be broken down more gradually.

Another factor we have considered is how certain carbohydrates are fermented by bacteria in the digestive tract. Carbohydrates that are fermented quickly may lead to uncomfortable symptoms like gas, bloating, stomach cramps, and diarrhea in children with compromised gastrointestinal tracts. Essential Care Jr. was designed with a low fermentable carbohydrate source to help reduce the risk of these uncomfortable side effects.

The amount of simple carbohydrates used can also play a role in these symptoms, therefore, Essential Care Jr. was designed with lower amounts of calories from carbohydrates while still providing balanced nutrition.

A formula with carefully chosen ingredients promotes the development of healthy minds and bodies and although amino acid-based formulas are made for children with food and milk allergies and compromised digestive systems, it is vital they receive the nutrients that are critically important for them to grow and thrive.

Cambrooke provides options for families who don’t like the idea of large amounts of corn syrup solids or those who prefer to avoid corn ingredients. Because carbohydrates are such a large and important part of a growing child’s diet, we took the extra step to ensure Essential Care Jr. offers premium low FODMAP carbohydrate ingredients to support normal growth and development. (Read more about FODMAPs here)  link:

Corn Allergies in Children

It is important to note that some children may have an allergy to the protein in corn, although IgE-mediated corn allergy is uncommon. As with all food allergies, it is important to consult a specialist to explore whether your children may be allergic to corn.

If your child is allergic to corn, ask your child’s doctor, pediatrician, or allergy specialist for a specific list of ingredients that you should avoid giving to your child. Since corn is found in many different foods and ingredients, you may need to be vigilant to ensure your child is not inadvertently exposed to corn or a derivative of corn. If your child is diagnosed with a corn allergy or corn intolerance and needs an amino acid-based formula, having a discussion with your healthcare provider can help identify which formula would be right for your child.

How Cambrooke Can Support Your Child

Whether your child may benefit from a nutrition supplement to help boost nutrient intake or a complete nutrition formula that meets all of their nutrition needs, Cambrooke offers two amino acid-based formulas for children over the age of one year, designed to support the needs of children with food allergies and digestive disorders.

Essential Care Jr. is free of corn, soy, and artificial ingredients. It is loaded with premium ingredients to support your child, such as low fermentable carbohydrates that may be easier to tolerate in the compromised GI tract, vitamin K2 that has been shown to support bone health, a proprietary blend of essential amino acids with 40% leucine to help build muscles, and higher amounts of omega 3 fatty acids to help fight inflammation. We went the extra step and added both lutein and DHA for eye health and brain development. Essential Care Jr. is focused on the entire body and was created to provide optimal nutrition for those in need of an amino acid-based formula.

EquaCare Jr. is similar in nutrition and taste to other junior amino acid-based formulas; however, it is designed to provide you with a more affordable price than other formulas when the cost is a concern. Cambrooke understands the increased cost associated with allergy and gastrointestinal medical conditions and providing a more affordable formula option is important to us. EquaCare Jr. also provides 33% less corn syrup solids when compared to other junior amino acid-based formulas. This formula not only offers a more affordable price tag but also offers an option for those who have difficulty tolerating large amounts of corn syrup solids.

If you are concerned that your child is not receiving the appropriate nutrition or not tolerating their current formula, then you may want to talk to a pediatrician or specialist to find out which formula option is best for your child. Learn more about each of these beneficial products by visiting us online today or calling 1-833-377-2773.