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Why “Essentially Better” Matters

More than 32 million Americans have serious and potentially life-threatening food allergies, and an astounding 85 million Americans are impacted as they help to support and care for people living with food allergies, food intolerances and avoidances.

Children with food allergies, food protein intolerances and gastrointestinal issues can often benefit from amino acid-based formulas, which are the least likely type of formula to cause an allergic response and are contain the most broken-down form of protein for easy absorption in the digestive system.

In addition, amino acid-based formulas can help provide the nutrients needed to thrive without the risk of exposure to allergens or proteins that may cause gastrointestinal irritation or a food allergic reaction.

In developing our new amino acid-based formula – Essential Care Jr. – we talked to moms to better understand what they needed in a formula for their child. Based on what we heard, we developed Essential Care Jr. without artificial ingredients, soy oil or controversial corn syrup solids, which is the primary ingredient in some amino acid-based formulas.

Our goal was to develop an ‘Essentially Better’ amino acid-based formula. Therefore, Essential Care Jr. was formulated to include several additional nutrients to further help a child grow and thrive, in addition to Ajipure® pharmaceutical-grade vegan amino acids and a proprietary blend of essential amino acids with increased leucine that may help build muscle.

This formula provides only low FODMAP ingredients for improved GI tolerance. It is also the only amino acid-based formula with Vitamin K2, an emerging nutrient that helps support bone health, and the only to have both Lutein and DHA, which may provide protective benefits for a child’s eyes and support brain development.

We know it takes more than protein supplements to keep a child healthy. Plus, we took the extra steps to ensure the right ingredients are used to address a variety of symptoms.

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